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Top baby apps in June-2018

We continue to review interesting applications for the two most popular mobile platforms – Android and iOS. This time, at the request of our readers, we will fully devote a selection of programs developed for children and their parents. There are still many summer days ahead, vacations and holidays, long trips and not too many trips. What to take a child during long journeys by bus or train? Previously, you had to take books and favorite toys with you, now you can do with a mobile device.

The main thing is not to repeat mistakes that are too expensive . So it’s worthwhile to stock up with mobile programs in advance and monitor the output of applications on the Internet (some require a connection to the network to run, and every kilobyte in roaming is golden, so it’s better to choose those that work offline). It is impossible to list applications for all tastes, so we will only indicate the direction in which you can move, choosing programs for children.


  • Games, games, games
  • Lullabies and fairy tales
  • GPS Trackers
  • Children’s shells

You can familiarize yourself with official ratings on Google and Apple sites. In the comments if you want, specify the applications that you think are also worthy of attention.

Games, games, games

Puzzles, puzzles, quizzes and other games. This is the most extensive item of our current “children’s” collection of applications for smartphones and tablets. It so happened that it is games that take children for a longer period. In the Google app store, you can sort games by age by selecting the ones that match. For example, for “five and younger” , “6-8 years” and so on.

1. Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens ( Android , iOS ). It will solve 228 puzzles, which will help to train the memory and problem-solving skills. There are castles, dragons, magic, simple machines and laws of physics. In the game, you need to move, manage and merge items to clear the path, get the key and open the gate to the next level.

The puzzles are divided into two categories: for children under 8 and those older. Surely Kings & Queens will be interesting for parents.

2. Quizio PRO: The Game Quiz ( Android ) is aimed at both children and adults, so you can play it with the whole company. Especially in her there are questions about the “Game of Thrones”. In total, there are seven categories in it: General, History, Geography, Science, Football, Game of Thrones and Mix, containing more than 3500 questions.

3. In one paragraph at once a couple of “pets”: the legendary Pou ( Android , for iOS ) and “My very hungry caterpillar” ( Android , for iOS ). In both cases, it is necessary to actively engage in virtual and largely helpless “Tamagotchi”, do not forget to feed, take care of them and actively develop. If the house was left to wait for a cat, virtual pets will replace it for a while.

4. “Merry Sort” ( Android ) – for the little ones. It will help the child to learn how to group objects according to certain characteristics (distinguish color, shape, size, as well as the purpose and scope of the object), determine the habitat of animals, distinguish their number (one, many, none).

Simple, but not enough awards for the tests passed.

5. “Bonnie and Clyde: a puzzle, find a fish, search” ( Android , paid for iOS ) – about the same opera, but more complex and requiring attention and assiduity. Here it is necessary to search for the lost objects, to solve the intricate schemes, riddles, cunnings, to find secrets. Meet the talking cat, talking fish and other interesting things.

The game is executed in a cartoon style without any frightening zombies.

6. Draw Tile ( Android ). In this game, you need to draw the proposed pictures using the principle of symmetry. It contributes to the development of logical thinking, coordination of movements – despite all the simplicity, it is not always the first time you can repeat the obvious. In the game – 10 episodes and 490 levels with a variety of drawings and achievements.

7. Fury Turn ( Android , iOS ). The game requires to prevent a biological catastrophe by eating all the hamburgers on their way. The developers promise a lot of insidious enemies, each with their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses, battle with bosses, story cartoons and cutscenes, apocalypse, scientists, helicopters and waves of jelly.

8. For parents – the classic game Minesweeper ( Android , from another developer iOS ), talk about which makes no sense. In a nutshell, let us recall the story. The gamer acts as an expert on demining and goes on a dangerous task – to save innocent lives and not to blow himself up on the mine himself. I’ll have to use all the skills I’ve learned before and not go into oblivion.

Lullabies and fairy tales

If the games did not help (or the night in the yard), you can try to put the child to sleep. There are several ways. One is to tell him how important it is to learn well, obey mother and father, eat on time and so on. Another is to read fairy tales and sing a lullaby (works not only on the road, but also at any other time).

1. “Children’s songs-lullabies” ( Android ) is an application – a collection of children’s songs. In addition to the melodies themselves, the program has information on the work of great composers (although it is unlikely that it will interest anyone seriously), as well as musical training games that will allow them to independently engage in music education. Works without a network connection and is completely free.

2. “Lullaby for Kids” ( Android ) also works without the Internet. The appendix contains the most popular lullabies: “Sleeping tired toys”, “Lullaby Bear,” “Kalyhanka,” “Sleep My Joy, Fall Asleep” and others.

3. “100 fairy tales at night” ( Android ) – a collection of fairy tales, working in offline. Parents do not have to remember how the porridge from the ax was cooked, what were the relations between the crane and the heron.

The main disadvantage of the application in obsessive advertising, from which you can get rid by going into “flight mode”.

4. “Miracle Tales and Coloring” ( Android , iOS ). More advanced application, though free, but, apparently, at some point from the additional payments will not work. The program allows you to read the stories yourself, and to listen (in high-quality voice acting) in offline mode.

The process has interactive elements, the application can be called to some extent “heaped up”, there are animating coloring with augmented reality, but in the free version their amount is very limited. The program implemented a mode of parental control, so that the child did not do unnecessary purchases.

GPS Locators

Being abroad (and even within the home country), I want to be aware of where the child is. For these purposes, specialized programs are designed, for example, only a few of them.

1. GeoZilla GPS Locator ( Android , iOS ) is an energy-saving free GPS tracker that allows you to know the exact location of family members by receiving notifications when they visit or leave a specific place. There is a private chat room for sharing pictures and videos.

The location of the person can be requested manually and in automatic mode. If there is no connection, all location points will be saved and sent to the GeoZilla server when the Internet appears.

2. “Family GPS tracker KidControl” ( Android , iOS ) has similar functions and is an alternative to the previous program.

Children’s shells

We strongly recommend that you pay attention that many applications can consume the Internet or it is necessary for their work. For this reason, while roaming, keep track of the volume of traffic consumption in the presence of specialized packages. However, the best way, as a rule, is to buy a local SIM card with prepaid Internet.

By the way, one of the controls is the installation of the Kid’s Shell ( Android ) application on the “child” smartphone . This is the shell for running only authorized applications and games on the phone or tablet. After configuration, the child, for example, can not make a call, send SMS, run a banned application or buy a paid app on Google Play, navigate banners. But access to the Internet is blocked only in the paid version of the 

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