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The game was banned due to the presence of LGBT content

The Sims: Freeplay was banned in seven countries due to the presence of LGBT content. Yeah! Immediately recalled the old, kind game “The Sims”, in the first versions of which I remember with an interesting play. Where the world is rolling, if already in children’s books and children’s play any such abnormal is considered a norm.

Yes there is far to go, I watch the third season of Expansion – who does not know this is a purely fantastic series about the distant future – and there are both parents of both women (and one negro) and they have a common child. A-ah-ah-ah! Well, why is this in a fantastic TV series?

So, what is there in the game of this?

Available on mobile platforms simulator of life The Sims: Freeplay banned this week in seven countries at once, reports The Sun. The official announcement of Electronic Arts says that the distribution of the game in China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt in connection with the “regional standards.” Experts note that this was due to the presence of LGBT content in the game. For example, in The Sims, it is really possible to conclude gay marriages in which children are born, and they can be born directly by men. In a number of the countries listed above, same-sex relationships are considered a crime.

In China, this is not so, but gay content is forbidden to spread on television and online.

The Sims is a single player game developed by Maxis. The first part of the “simulator of God” was published in 1999. She sold tens of millions of copies, and for a couple of years headed the list of the best-selling games for the computer. There is no plot like this in The Sims: players need to manage characters (“sims”), train them, create families, arrange dwellings and so on.


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