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The French gangster is still being searched after escaping from prison “in Hollywood style.” He escaped on a stolen helicopter

Reduan Faid is known for his “cinematic” crimes. Last time he ran off, blowing up the prison doors.

The helicopter Faid escaped. Holiday pictures AP

July 1 46-year-old French criminal Reduan Faid (Redoine Faid) fled from the prison of Seine and Marne, which is located not far from Paris. Many media noted the“Hollywood style” of the operation: the criminal left the place of confinement with accomplices on the stolen helicopter, then changed the cars several times and eventually disappeared from the police.

Faid, who is called a “gangster”, became famous for a series of “daring” robberies, inspired by films with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. In 2013, he already fled from another prison with explosives and taking hostages.

In the escape, smoke bombs and drones were used

The escape started at about 11:20 am local time. In the courtyard of Seine and Marne, a helicopter landed, from which came three armed men in masks. They threw smoke bombs, cut the locks with the help of a milling machine, and then went into the visiting room. Fayd was there at that time.

Reduan Faid. CNN Photos

Unknown people put the prisoner in a helicopter and flew out of prison. We explained the weak resistance of the media protection with a distracting maneuver – other accomplices came to the doors of the prison. Later, the helicopter was found in the north of Paris, 60 kilometers from the prison – the participants of the escape threw him and moved him to the car. The car was found in another area of ​​Paris – Faid and his accomplices again changed their vehicles.

According to the police, the entire operation to escape from prison took several minutes.

The escape of Faid was carefully planned. According to the police, for several months the prison neighborhood could be studied from drones to develop a plan. Also, the accomplices of the Frenchman found out that a flight school with a private helicopter is located not far from his place of detention. At the right time, they took the pilot hostage, forced him to fly to the prison, and after landing in Paris – released unscathed.

The criminal career of Faid was influenced by the movie

Faid grew up in the family of Algerian migrants in the town of Cray to the north of Paris. His first robbery Faid committed in 1990, when he was 18 years old. This was followed by a series of attacks on armored vehicles with money and valuables. In 1995, he robbed a bank in Paris, taking the family hostage, and in 1996, broke into a computer company in Switzerland.

The Frenchman admitted that his “handwriting” was strongly influenced by the film “Fight” of 1995, which was shot by Michael Mann: Fayed went to him seven times at the cinema, and with the advent of the DVD he revised it “at least a hundred times”. According to the fugitive, if not for such a movie, the number of crimes would have been reduced by half.

Favorite actor of the Frenchman was Robert De Niro – for the first robbery the Frenchman wore a hockey goalkeeper’s mask, like De Niro in the “Fight”. Even after the capture, he told Michael Mann: “You were like my technical adviser.” Faid was also inspired by other “gangster” films: for example, “Scarface” and “Mad Dogs”.

De Niro in the movie “Fight”

Journalist Frederik Plokin, who several times spoke with the criminal for his book, noted that such a dramatic escape is in his style. “Faid has always tried to translate into life the tricks that he saw in films,” he added.

At the time of the escape Faid served a 25-year term, to which he was sentenced in 2018. The Frenchman was found guilty of committing a series of robberies, during one of which a police officer was killed. Faid himself in his book “Gangster: From Slums to Great Crimes” claimed that he never harmed people during “deeds.”

He had already escaped from prison

In 2013, the Frenchman took four of the guards as hostages, threatening them with a pistol. Faid was able to go through five armored doors, blowing up self-made shells, and go free – there he was waiting for a car with an accomplice behind the wheel. The perpetrator released all the hostages and disappeared.

The French authorities did not disclose how Faid had both a pistol and an explosive. The police seized him in six weeks at a hotel on the outskirts of Paris: the fugitive was searched all over the world, but he did not want to leave France. According to the hotel staff, all this time Faid regularly paid for the room. In order not to recognize him, the criminal grew a beard and began to wear a wig.

Faida is looking for almost three thousand policemen

On July 2, French Minister of Justice Nicole Belboulet stated that the inspectorate will visit the prison: staff will check whether the institution’s security system was “defective” and whether it affected the escape. Also, the politician noted that such criminals can not be left in a single prison for a long time, because this gives them time to study the loopholes.

Representatives of the prison union of France told the newspaper Le Monde that they regularly complained to the authorities about the vulnerability from the air, but they were not heeded. The police had already questioned Brother Faid: at the time of his escape, he was with him in the main courtyard of the prison. The French Prime Minister announced the mobilization of law enforcement agencies in the country.

In the operation to capture Faid, 2,9 thousand policemen are involved, searches are conducted all over the country. The protection on the Belgian border was also strengthened.

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