Samsung smartphones began to “secretly” send photos to random contacts. The company responded, but did not admit anything


One of the owners complained that S9 + unbeknownst to the whole gallery to his girlfriend.

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Owners of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 reported that their devices without permission send photos from memory to random people from the contact list. Complaints appeared on Reddit and the company’s forums in late June.

According to users, photos are involuntarily sent via the standard Samsung Messages application. Failure was observed after the messenger update and occurred regardless of the mobile operator.

One of the users of Reddit said that while he was sleeping, his S9 + sent the entire photo gallery to his girlfriend. In the application for sending SMS this was not displayed, but it was recorded in the operator’s logs.

Journalists advised smartphone owners not to install the latest version of the application and close it to access the device’s memory. Another temporary offer is to switch to another messenger.

In social networks, it was suggested that the problem is due to the update of T-Mobile, which received advanced functions in the messenger. Representatives of the operator told Gizmodo that the failure is not connected with them. Samsung said on July 2 that they knew about such complaints, but officially they still did not admit a mistake.

We know about the reports on this issue, our technical teams are studying it. Concerned customers are encouraged to contact us.

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