World Championship2018

Photo: “Three in Kokoshniks” on graffiti

The main meme of the Russia-Spain match was immortalized on the wall of the garage.

Photo by alexart214

In Moscow, on Okskaya street, graffiti appeared with three fans in kokoshniki, famous during the Russia-Spain match in the eighth finals of the 2018 World Cup. A snapshot of his work was published in an instagram by the artist Alex214.

On the eve of the three fans, accidentally got into the frame, became one of the main memes of the game. Photos with them scattered around the social networks in jokes and fotozhabah. At the same time, the heroes of the snapshot, quickly identified by the media, said they were surprised at such popularity and did nothing for it, just “snacked hot dogs and everything turned out all right”.

The author of the graffiti depicted the fans with the flag of Russia on their cheeks – in fact on the right side of the face all three had a flag of Spain, and the Russian tricolor on the left in the frame did not fall.

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