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Photo: “Bloody” rain in Norilsk

In “Norilsk Nickel” it is asserted that unusual precipitation fell only in the territory of the metallurgical plant because of the unclean dust.


In Norilsk there was a rain of red color, which in social networks was called “bloody”. In Norilsk Nickel, TASS explained this phenomenon with dust from the roof of one of the buildings of the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant. According toFlashSiberia, the reason could be a technological violation in the enterprise.

The interlocutor of TASS said that on June 30 a cleaning was carried out on the roof of the Elementary Sulfur Production Workshop, and red dust was prepared for removal.

Nevertheless, until now the material was not removed and as a result was raised by a gust of wind, carried to the parking lot and nailed down.

employee of Norilsk Nickel

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