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Meme: Neimar’s simulations

The Brazilian football player is so much replaying after striking his legs that this has become the main theme for jokes about the 2018 World Cup.

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At the World Cup 2018 for the national team of Brazil, plays Neymar – one of the best players in the world, playing at the club level for the Paris Saint-Germain. For four matches on mundiale, he scored two goals, struck more blows in the tournament and created more all the scoring chances for the partners. But in the eyes of the fans, Neymar was remembered in Russia not by his own game, but by constant simulations and “replaying” after contacting the defenders of other teams.

The first reason for criticism was the second match of the group stage with the national team of Costa Rica. The Brazilian tried to beat his opponent, but then fell in someone else’s penalty area, waving his arms and turning to the judge. The referee first appointed a penalty, but after the video replay he changed the decision.

In the match with Serbia, Neimar got on his feet from the defender, but, in the opinion of critics, for the sake of drama, a couple of extra meters rolled over the lawn.

In the eighth finals with Mexico, the Brazilian striker also often showed that he was hurt.

In football, players who pretend to have been violated by the rules are called “divers”. Behind Neimar, such fame was fixed a few years ago, but his actions at the World Cup 2018 caused a new flurry of criticism. Former football players also spoke : for example, ex-goalkeeper of the Danish national team and Manchester United Peter Schmeichel.

I can call this behavior just shameful, and nothing else. Everyone who loves football, I read in Twitter after the game, all this is annoying. It seemed that he was dying. I thought that he would be put on a stretcher, loaded into an ambulance, and we will never see him again.

Peter Schmeichel
former football player

In social networks, it is true that every fall of Neimar is perceived with irritation or irony.

“The only person who cries more for me without special reason is Neimar”

“The only person who cries more for me without special reason is Neimar”

[Former England striker Alan Shearer] “Guy. STOP. We are already fed up with this ”

“Neymar exaggerates more than my ex”

“Neimar’s reaction to the pain during the matches leads me to my thoughts: how did he survive putting all these tattoos on his body?”
The moment with the rolling Neimar became the basis for the videojab.

Users of social networks remembered other videos that could characterize the player’s behavior on the field.

“Reunion of the family of Neimar”

“When a player approaches five inches to Neimar”

“They say Neimar is still rolling after the collision”

“If Neymar was an Indian actor”

“If Neymar was a dog”

“* Mexican player takes the ball * Neimar:”

“Mama Neimar!”
There was also enough fotograf.

“Diving and showing the acting game – using your huge talent”
Mexican fans, dissatisfied with the drama of Neimar, staged a flashmob: they also began to fall with every touch. In their opinion, this was the football player’s time, which helped Brazil to beat the Mexicans in the 1/8 finals of the 2018 World Cup.

In Russia, the meme about Neimar has its own template.

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