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Media: Natalia Timakova will leave the post of Dmitry Medvedev’s press secretary and move to VEB

This is due “solely to the desire to change the scope of activities.”

Natalia Timakova. Photo by Vadim Shultz, TV channel “Culture”

Natalia Timakova will leave the post of Dmitry Medvedev’s press secretary, two federal officials told RBC. The interlocutors of the publication specified that Timakova’s departure from the government will take place “in late summer or early autumn”.

Sources RBC argue that the decision is due solely to Timakova’s desire to change the scope of activities. After leaving, she can take the post of deputy chairman and board member of Vnesheconombank, a federal official told RBC. This was confirmed by another official and a source close to the bank. One of the interlocutors noted that VEB is “the main option”.

Timakova’s responsibilities in the new post can include projects in the field of culture and development of urban areas. Another official, close to VEB, does not rule out that she can handle issues of PR and GR.

This was also confirmed by the BBC sources – they told that Timakova was negotiating for the transition to Vnesheconombank. There she can lead a new direction of urban development and development of territories.

In a conversation with RBC Timakov called information on the transition to VEB “rumors” and said that “continues to work” in his post. The Bell, she also said that she continues to work and there are no decisions on leaving. The source of the publication said that Timakova is negotiating not only with VEB.

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