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Japanese football players put things in order in the locker room after the defeat at the World Cup 2018 and left a note “Thank you” in Russian

And the fans, despite the departure of their team, again collected garbage in the stadium.

Photo by Priscilla Janssens, FIFA

July 2 in Rostov-on-Don was the match of the 1/8 finals of the 2018 World Cup, in which the team of Belgium met with Japan. The Belgians were considered the favorite of the meeting, but at the beginning of the second half they started to lose with the score 0: 2. In the end, they were able to reverse the course of the game and still win the last minute of the added time – 3: 2. Belgium reached the quarter finals, and Japan flew out of the tournament.

Later FIFA coordinator Priscilla Janssens told on Twitter that after such defeat the Japanese players remained on the field to thank their fans for their support. Also, the players cleaned up the bench and in their locker room, leaving a note in Russian with the inscription “Thank you.” A few hours later, Janssens removed the tweet for unknown reasons.

Japanese fans also helped with the cleaning of the Rostov-Arena. They brought bags with them and put rubbish from the stands. In a similar way, the fans of the national team of Japan already acted after the match of the group stage in Saransk.

Holiday pictures AP
Holiday pictures AP

In the group stage, the Japanese defender Maya Yoshida said that players are used to cleaning up for themselves.

I can only say that in the locker room we have a cleaner club than in the locker rooms of clubs [English] Premier League. But really, we believe that we need to clean up for ourselves. We play football here, we fight in the field, but we also represent Japan. And they should do it with dignity. The fans demonstrated this.

Maya Yoshida
football player
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