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Instagram will tell you when you view all posts in the last 48 hours

Apparently, something went wrong with the algorithmic tape.

The appearance of the Instagram notification that you have scanned all posts in the last 2 days

Instagram has announced a notification, allowing at least a little easier navigation through its intricate algorithmic tape posts. When you look through all the posts published in the last 48 hours, then in the tape there will be a big checkmark and the inscription ” You’re all caught up ” (in the Russian version ” This is all for now “).

Next, posts that are older than two days from the viewpoint are mixed with the more recent ones that you have already seen (¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯). Older posts technically can also be new to you depending on how often you use the application. Nevertheless, for example, The Verge believe that 48 hours is a reasonable limit.

The feature will start to appear on Android and iOS users on July 2.

Earlier this May, Instagram announced the development of a feature that allows users to see how much time they spend in the application.

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