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In Thailand, the missing schoolchildren from the football team were found alive. They spent 9 days in a flooded cave without food

The operation is not yet complete: the rescuers only located the whereabouts of the missing and made sure that they are alive.

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On June 23, in the north of Thailand, a group of 12 teenagers playing in a school football team disappeared and their coach. They went to a mountain park and decided to visit the cave, but then a downpour began and flooded it.

Rescuers searched for adolescents for 9 days. The search attracted more than a thousand people, including the army, police, volunteers and survivors from different countries.

Most of July 2 they spent on preparing for the “last throw”, which, they were sure, would lead them to schoolchildren. And so it turned out: after a few hours the rescuers found all the members of the group alive.

While it is not clear exactly what they are in: the authorities claim that they will take care of them until they “can not move on their own”. What this means is not known, however, the group did not have provisions with them.

Now, divers are laying a cableway to the survivors and placing the tanks with oxygen along the way. Rescuers made the greatest progress on Sunday, when they discovered a narrow passage to the cave: previously they were prevented by a great depth and lack of lighting.

Divers were also prevented by the small size of the clefts: they could not dive with all the equipment. On Sunday, July 1, the long rains stopped and the water level fell , so the rescuers advanced and could act more methodically. At the same time, they reported that the group probably experienced a flood on a sandy mound inside the cave.

The Thai authorities were optimistic: on the morning of July 2 they told the press that in theory people can live without food for about 30 days. However, the representative of the authorities refused to answer questions about the terms of the search operation.

We hope and believe in it. We still have hope.

representative of the Thai authorities

The authorities believe that, given the condition of the members of the group, adolescents will not be able to move by themselves, and doctors will treat them on the spot. According to Thai officials, teams of divers include doctors who were already in the caves earlier, but no information about the state of the group has yet been reported.

At the time of publication, notes from the caves are pumped out and prepared for dispatch by a team of divers. Just in case rescuers are looking for a backup option, which will quickly get to the missing.

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