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In Japan, released a device that assesses the unpleasant odor from a person

With his help, you can avoid “harassment smell.”

Photos Tanita

In Japan , the device Tanita ES-100 for the evaluation of odor from the human body appeared on sale. It is intended for residents of the country who do not want to cause discomfort to others around their smell.

Tanita ES-100 is equipped with a special sensor, with which you can assess the level of stench from a person – it’s enough to attach the device to different parts of the body and hold for 10 seconds. It will measure odor and report its “level” on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 – no smell, and 10 – maximum stench.

If the device shows the fifth level of smell and above, you need to refresh yourself, for example, taking a shower. This also works in the opposite direction: Tanita ES-100 will report an excessive odor from toilet water or perfume. The sensor suffices for 2 thousand applications or approximately for a year of use.

In the company Tanita expect that the most popular device will be among adult males of middle age from 40 to 50 years. ES-100 appeared on sale at a price of 125 dollars (about 8 thousand rubles) and is available only in Japan.

Recently, Japan has developed a special attitude to the unpleasant smell. Many companies in the country even conduct training on combating ” sumeru harasumento” (smell harassment), literally meaning “harassment with a smell”.

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