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In China, developed a “laser Kalashnikov automatic machine”

In China, the “laser AK-47” was created with such headings appeared to become about the next laser weapon from China. Let’s see what was invented this time in the world’s copier. Maybe this is a successful espionage of another state’s technology?

Specialists of the Xian Institute of Optics created a prototype of the laser-firing rifle ZKZM-500. It has already been nicknamed “laser AK-47”, writes South China Morning Post.

“The pain will be unbearable,” said one of the creators of the machine.

The ZKZM-500 has a caliber of 15 millimeters and weighs only three kilograms. The rifle is referred to as non-lethal weapon – when damaged, the skin is charred, and also the rifle is able to blind the opponent and damage the retina of the eye. In this case, the laser is tuned to an invisible frequency, so the human eye can not understand where it was attacked.

The rifle is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 800 meters, and can also be installed on a car, boat or airplane. It works from rechargeable lithium batteries, and from one charge it can produce several thousand two-second shots in 30 minutes.

It is assumed that the first samples of the ZKZM-500 will receive police officers. At the moment, they are looking for a partner with a license to manufacture weapons in order to begin mass production. The cost of one rifle is estimated at 15 thousand dollars.

Another developer noted that, given the invisibility of the beam, no one will know where the attack was made – “it will be like an accident.”

Power rifles are obtained from a rechargeable lithium battery, similar to those used in smartphones.

Let us note that on March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia had made significant progress in the development of laser weapons. The Ministry of Defense earlier said that the Russian army has its own laser weapons.

There are no specific international protocols governing the development or use of this type of laser weapon.


The United Nations Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons, signed in 1980 by more than 100 countries, discusses weapons of an earlier generation and prohibits the use of those specimens that can cause permanent loss of sight.

The document on the website of the Chinese government classifies the ZKZM-500 as a “non-lethal weapon”, that is, it is less deadly than, for example, a pistol or machine.

Lasers can not kill a target with a single shot, but if you shoot at a person for a long time, the weapon will start making a hole in their body, simply by burning, after a shot.

Researchers emphasize that it would be inhumane to use more powerful weapons that could burn a person. Instead, the document emphasizes the non-lethal application of technology.


For example, it says that law enforcement agencies can resist “illegal protests” by burning banners from a distance.

It also says that protest leaders can be stopped if they set fire to clothes or hair. As the document says, this will lead to a loss of the rhythm of speech and the power of persuasion.
But one policeman from Beijing said that he would prefer to follow more traditional methods of crowd control, such as tear gas, rubber bullets or electric stun guns, such as tasers.

“A laser burn will leave a permanent scar,” he said. He said that it would be a “terrible sight”, which risks causing panic or turning a peaceful protest into a riot or mass hustle.

By the way, China has long been creating a different kind of laser weapons. Here, for example, an article from 2015, tells us the following:


Chinese engineers have developed a new laser rifle PY132A. The Washington Free Beacon reports that the new weapon was demonstrated at one of the December arms exhibitions in China and is a means of non-lethal defeat of the enemy.

PY132A is developed by Eagle Group and is a relatively compact and light laser weapon. The weight of the rifle is 6.5 kg, length – 650 mm. The target range is 5 to 400 m, while the PY132A regulates the scattering of the laser beam in automatic mode, so that its diameter when hit on the person’s face is 20-30 cm.

According to the description of the rifle, it has a solid-state laser with a wavelength of 532 nm, whose light, when it hits the eye, dazzles a person for 10-60 seconds. In addition, a laser rifle can be used to disable night vision devices. One battery charge is enough for 10,000 “shots” or 24 hours of standby time.

The Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China has long been developing laser weapons and is actively equipping them with the police and the army. PY132A became the fourth laser rifle of the Chinese development, known outside the country. Previously, the general public was introduced models BBQ-905, WJG-2002 and PY131A.

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