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“I open the cotton wool”: as the post of PR “Leroy Merlin” led to persecution in Facebook and the removal of the page

In the company itself, nothing bad is seen in this – just a personal opinion of the employee.

Galina Panina. Photo from Facebook page

PR-manager of the furniture company “Leroy Merlin” Galina Panina published a post about a girl who was allegedly burned during the celebration of Russia’s victory over Spain. Panina was criticized because of her words for spreading fake information and using the word “cotton wool” from both bloggers and well-known media people, and in the media, after which she removed her Facebook page.

How it all began

July 2 Panina published a post in which she told that in Moscow’s Novoperedelkino drunken fans burned the girl. On July 3, the entry was already deleted (or hidden). Panina added that she “did not see this in the news”, but her experience was told about what happened to her.

Later, Panina wrote that she “opens the wadding and removes” – apparently, she meant that because of the criticism of the effect of the 2018 World Cup, her comments appeared patriotic users, and she began to delete their replicas.

The publication of Panina was noticed by Marina Yudenich, an adviser to the Governor of the Moscow Region on the development of civil society and human rights. She was outraged that Panina called the “cotton wool” the people of the country in which she lives.

Well, the young lady lives in a country whose people consider “cotton wool” – well, her right. Well replicates the fake news. He has the right, because the law is not broken anywhere. And the fact that the young lady is a fool, besides a stupid fool, is the fact of her biography and the misfortune of her relatives.

Asking questions # is leer amerious about the “quality of human material” ©, which they take to work, is also a matter of trouble. A private company, although women of low social responsibility can be attracted to managerial positions.

Marina Yudenich
advisor to the governor of Moscow region

Yudenich also recalled that Panina was a lecturer at the All-Russian Youth Educational Summer Forum “Territory of Meanings”, and appealed to the organizers of the forum – Rosmolodyozhi.

I have a question: what does a person with such an attitude to his country and his people do in the forum # territory of the masses? What does the young people teach? And yes, dear colleagues, you can rest assured, I will ask this question not only here. Ask the young lady, do not disgust her to take money from the very state, from which she is so sick, as you understand, is useless. These shame are not in their hands.

Marina Yudenich
advisor to the governor of Moscow region

In response, Panin accused Yudenich of inciting hatred and insult to honor.

Right now it’s scary. Technologies of trolls, intimidation and very rude insults. About the distortion and a lot of lies – I do not mention it at all. I’m with the Administration – already in touch. It’s not just very ugly – it’s inciting hatred and insulting honor and dignity. It is possible and threats to attribute, which after her post in the LS went.

Galina Panina
PR-manager of Leroy Merlin

Panina also recalled that her ancestors were the authors of the first constitution of the Russian Empire “not for their descendants to be called unpatriotic in this tone.”

The reaction of social networks and the media

Social network

The publication of Yudenich was extended to other Facebook users. Most of them still offered to ask the question “Leroy Merlin”, since Panin is his employee, and boycott the company.

And yet it is interesting: “Leroy Merlin Russia” together with its top manager consider that the population of Russia is a “cotton wool”, and the Russian people “have a reflex to cheat” – or do they have a different opinion? Which “vatkam” should be considered when choosing “where to carry your money?”.

Valentin Loginov
Facebook user

Marina Yudenich writes that there are no questions to Leroy Merlin Russia, since it is a private company and this is the Leroy case of whom and where they are recruiting people.

It is true, from the side of the state in this situation, indeed, probably there are no questions.

But here’s a great test for whether there is a civil society in Russia or not.

In a country where there is civil society, the boycott of Leroy Merlin would begin. We must stop making purchases there. BOYCOTT.

In such a volume that they feel on their profits this boycott.

Rustam Mingazov
Facebook user

Six months ago I was doing repairs in the apartment and bought almost all the materials in Leroy Merlin. It turns out that I took the money of the company, the top management of which considers me a cotton wool, which needs to be opened, and my patriotic feelings – a frivolity? There I no more kick, until the company makes a public apology and dismisses PR & GR director Galina Panina.

Yuliya Romanova
Facebook user

mass media

The scandal around Panina and Leroy Merlin was written by many Russian media outlets, including Tsargrad, Life, FAN, Komsomolskaya Pravda and Vzglyad. Almost all publications told about Panina in a negative way.

Panina’s answer and explanations in the interview

July 3, Panina published a new post on Facebook “in connection with the increased number of threats and on the advice of law enforcement agencies.” In it, she also explained the use of the word “cotton wool”.

My negative definition of “cotton wool” was and applies only to those people who insulted me. Only and exclusively. I’m sorry that it’s so emotional, but they did not filter their definitions in my address either.

Galina Panina

She also explained that the incident with the girl she told about “really was, but the context was different.” Panina said that she did not pretend to be a news source.

In an interview with the FAN publication, Panina stated that she does not consider her post a “fake”, since she pointed out “she personally did not see, but was told”. She also complained that Yudenich “hires taxpayers” hires trolls to “poison dissenters”, and also reported on threats from citizens.

When asked by the FAN why she reported unconfirmed information in social networks, the main PR man LEROY replied that “everyone has the right to their own opinion.” The facts, in her opinion, need not be checked, since her page in social networks is not the media. “And in any other country,” she said, “the page in social networks would not be perceived as news, and only in Russia it happened.”

publication of FAN

In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, Panina said that the original post was published in the hope that someone had heard about the story, and the girl she told about did not work in Leroy Merlin. She added that the company’s management is preparing an official appeal to the administration of the Moscow region because of insulting the employee.

In addition, she noted that she will continue to give lectures at the “Forum of Meanings”, if the topic of fake news “will be on their agenda”.  turned to Rosmolodezh and Panina for comment, but received no reply.

According to the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the injured girl worked in “Leroy Merlin”, but Panin did not confirm this.

Who worked at Leroy Merlin? Julia? My God. Of course not. This is the first time I’ve heard. And her name did not know. I wrote in fact with a request: can someone have heard something. In return, I got a bunch of dirt. I said in a post that this is not news. I was told about this by an intern, a girl who lives there.

Panina’s interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda

Yudenich, in a conversation with the publication, stated that she would not apologize: “She expressed her [point of view] sharply, but within the framework of the law. I can repeat it. It’s stupidity and an abomination – to call the people “cotton wool” and put the tag “frivolity.” And a man who allows himself this, a fool. “

The reaction of Leroy Merlin

In comments to one of the publications on Facebook, the company’s representatives said that Leroy Merlin does not restrict employees in expressing their opinion. What is placed on their personal pages should not be regarded as a company’s position, but as personal views.

Did Panina really spread the fake

Panina wrote that “drunken fans in Novoperedelkino” burned a certain girl, not mentioning her name, age and other data. The girl referred to her subordinate, who lives in the same area. According to the FAN, no appeals to the law enforcement bodies because of the actions of fans have been reported.

Judging by the local public relations Novoperedelkino, a similar case actually occurred. In the community “Overheard Novoperedelkino” user Nikita Ryabinin published an entry about the attack on a girl on the field behind a boarding school on Lukinskaya street. He also indicated a link to the original entry in VKontakte about the incident, in the signature to it it follows that the attack occurred on July 1, but when clicking on the link, a stub “record not found” appears.

I do not know the exact details, but according to the police, there was an attempt with an attempt to set fire to life. This happened in 19: 30-19: 50 Moscow time. Then already on the field there were cops, 4 cars. Two fast ones. Presumably (also only from the information heard from neighbors) the girl was in denim shorts, red hair. Name: Julia Sergeevna A.

publication in “Overheard Novoperedelkino”

As noted by journalist Ekaterina Vinokurova, at the specified time in the match Russia-Spain there was a penalty shootout, so “there was nothing to celebrate at that time at all”. However, the victory of Russia became known at approximately 19:40.

Screenshot from the community “Overheard Novoperedelkino”

According to the Telegram channel Mash, a girl named Julia Aniskina set herself on fire. The channel claims that Aniskina suffered from severe depression due to parting with a young man about a year ago. This attempt at suicide is not the first for the girl, she also includes a record in the psycho-dispensary.

In the evening of July 1, Julia left the house, finally telling her parents that she was going for a walk and would not return soon. A few hours later she was found in Samuil Marshak Street, – the girl was lying on the roadside, burned and in rags of clothes. Nearby lay an empty bottle of a means for ignition.

Julia was taken to the intensive care unit. After a day she died, and did not regain consciousness. She had 80% of body burns.

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