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How to know the owner by phone number without violating the law

Want to tell you how using social networks to break through the phone number of a person, without special technical knowledge, perversions and suspicious fraud? The news is not new,  But now I thought, why not share it here? 
The instruction is very hard (for irony, or something). You can and simplify, the main point.

The course of the horse. On the idea of ​​social networks do not give out the phone number of the user, if he did not share it. And if he rassharil, then such moments do not go around. However, they offer you possible acquaintances and recently write directly that the dude is from your contacts. Do you understand what I’m getting at?

1. Take the smartphone (after reset)

2. You buy simka

3. Install applications social networks (more)

4. You are arguing with this number in all of them.

5. Give them all access to contacts (and somewhere additional sync include)

6. Enter the phone number you want to punch in the address book. (it turns out that now you have only one contact in the address book).

7. Wait, and some time later, social networks start to give you accounts of the person who is in your contacts. Because he alone, you do not have to guess.

VKontakte, FaceBook, Instagram so work to this day, as far as I know.

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