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FSIN painted the floor and walls of the colony in Paint. And sent photos to reporters

Together with the video, which shows all the dirty and damaged places.

Representatives of the Department of the Federal Service for the Execution of Sentences in the Sverdlovsk Region sent photographs of yoga classes in Nizhny Tagil penitentiary No. 12 to local journalists (the original press release is available to ).

In one of the pictures, the press officers partly smeared the floor and a piece of the wall with a graphic editor, presumably – Paint.

Together with the photo, the representatives of the agency sent out a video showing the areas that had fallen under the “censorship”: stains on the walls and a rubbed floor with a plywood patch on which the prisoners laid out “mats” for yoga.

The release notes that the prisoners started a circle of yoga “with the support of the educational department”. Trainer was the convicted Alexander Buguev, engaged in yoga for more than 15 years. He conducts classes twice a week.

At these sessions the convicts study physical exercises with the correct and constant performance of which the entire organism is recovering, beginning with the stretching of the muscles and joints, ending with the proper operation of the internal organs.

extract from the press release of the UFSIN
(author’s style and punctuation saved)

applied for comments to the press service of the State Penitentiary Service of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Sverdlovsk Region, but received no prompt response.

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