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Found in Thailand, students can not be saved in the near future, because they do not know how to dive

Perhaps adolescents will have to spend 4 months in caves, but in this case there is a risk of flooding.

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July 2 in Thailand after nine days of searching found a group of 12 students and their coach. On June 23 they went to the caves and were locked there because of a sharp downpour that flooded the entrance. Teenagers and their coach managed to survive in flooded caves only thanks to an air pocket, they lived without food for more than a week.

Rescuers gave the schoolchildren food and medicine, but a new problem arose-until they could be rescued from the caves, since children can not dive. In addition, even professional divers faced difficulties, while they reached the teenagers: nothing is visible in the water, and the crevices are so narrow that it is necessary to leave part of the equipment.

The Thai military said that now the students have two options: either learn to dive, or wait 4 months until the rainy season ends and the water goes away. However, in the second case there is a risk that due to another heavy rainfall the air pocket with the group will suddenly flood.

And without that the difficult situation is complicated by the fact that most of the group does not even know how to just swim. In addition, due to several days without food, schoolchildren have become weak and it is difficult for them to move.

The military believes that staying in caves for children is too dangerous and this is the worst scenario. The Thai authorities have already begun searching for small-size respiratory masks.

Experts point out that even if schoolchildren are taught to dive in a short time, then it would be extremely risky to take them out along narrow mountain crevices and tunnels in conditions of almost zero visibility. While the group is provided with provisions and is safe, and the authorities are also looking for workarounds for access to the cave.

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