World Championship2018

“Forecasting has always been our strong point”: CB “predicted” a save Akinfeev on a memorable banknote

The figure on the football cut-off coincided with the movement of the Russian goalkeeper. True, the hologram does not draw a goalkeeper.

Representatives of the Central Bank of Russia published a photo that compared one of the markers on the commemorative banknote to the World Cup with the personnel from the match of the Russian and Spanish national teams. Bankers noticed that the pose of the football player, depicted on the holographic box, reminds Akinfeev, who repulsed the key penalty of 1/8 mundialya.

However, on the inset with a memorable banknote, it is not specifically the goalkeeper that is represented, but just a football player who hits the ball in a jump. At least indicates the absence of goalkeeper’s gloves.

July 1 Akinfeev kicked off the last penalty, which was struck by the players of the Spanish national team. Thanks to Akinfeev’s seizure, the Russian team won the match and passed in 1/4 of the tournament part of the World Cup,


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