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Curse of Cherdantsev: the commentator writes on Twitter forecasts for the 2018 World Cup matches, but everything is always the other way round

Now he is asked to say “You will not achieve anything in this life” in order to achieve something.

George Cherdantsev. Photo of the press service of the channel “Match TV”

Georgy Cherdantsev is one of the most popular Russian sports commentators. Many remember him on emotional reporting on the match of Euro 2008, where Russia won Holland, as well as by shouting “Buffonishche !!!” during the match “Juventus” in 2012. But in recent years, Cherdantsev has a different known feature – he often makes social forecasts for football matches that almost never come true.

This was most evident in Euro-2016, where the commentator did not guess almost any result. Because of this in social networks they started talking about “The Curse of Cherdantsev”: if he predicts success or failure for someone, then everything is exactly the opposite.

Forecasts Cherdantseva concerned not only football.

In May 2018, the commentator reported “100% insider”: Italian coach Maurizio Sarri will not go to “Zenith”, because he definitely will train the football club “Napoli”. The next day, the leadership of Napoli announced the resignation of Sarri. But in Zenit he really did not cross.

The trend continued during the World Cup 2018. For example, the commentator “struck out” from the Uruguay draw, which came out in the quarter finals of the tournament, winning all the matches.

Two weeks before Russia’s victory over Spain, he said that Stanislav Cherchesov’s wards would not have a chance against such a “super team”.

Another forecast Cherdantseva – Argentina’s national team with Lionel Messi will win the French in the 1/8 finals and eventually become the World Champion. Argentines lost 4: 3 and went home.

On July 2, Belgium and Japan fought for an exit in the quarter finals. When the Japanese led 2-0, Cherdantsev wrote that they will reach the final of the 2018 World Cup. After that, Belgium scored three goals and won.

“Curse of Cherdantsev” became a popular topic for jokes during the tournament in Russia.

Some users have started to contact the commentator for help. Suddenly help.

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