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Chinese scientists announced the creation of a “laser AK-47”, which can set fire to a person at a distance of 800 meters

Western journalists doubted that it could exist and work.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences told about the creation of the ZKZM-500 laser rifle, which does not look the same as usual. It allegedly can cause “instant charring” of human skin and the ignition of materials at a distance of up to 800 meters. This was reported by South China Morning Post.

The pain will be unbearable.

researchers in conversation with South China Morning Post

Scientists told SCMP that the ZKZM-500 has already been tested and is “ready for mass production”. They want to use it to combat terrorism and will use it in the Chinese police.

Researchers claim that the rifle weighs only 3.3 kilograms and can be mounted on tanks, airplanes and boats if necessary. The rifle “works noiselessly, and the beam remains invisible”. ZKZM-500 will cost 15 thousand dollars apiece.

Journalists of Western publications doubted that the rifle is working and looks like it was described by scientists. They were confused by the fact that the researchers did not show a single picture and did not demonstrate the operation of the weapon in action. In addition, it turned out that the rifle device described above contradicts some physical laws.

As noted editor of TechCrunch Kolduey Devin (Devin Coldewey), the military has long been want to adopt laser weapons, but still has not done this, and for obvious reasons, are ignored in this study.

According to Kolduey, the main reason lies in the power. Weak lasers can damage the eyes, but these are very sensitive optical instruments and the same lasers can hardly burst a balloon. The destruction of physical objects in this case is achieved by a high temperature, which such devices can not give out.

Powerful laser installations require a serious amount of energy, whereas the material of Chinese scientists refers to lithium-ion batteries. The researchers claim that the rifle can create a thousand two-second shots or shoot continuously for half an hour in a row.

But even the use of lasers on tanks and airplanes with a huge amount of energy does not give serious results. The military has long abandoned this direction: the US Army closed its project for the development of a laser on board the aircraft as early as 2014, and did not achieve significant results.

According to the editor of TechCrunch, at present “there is simply no way” to create a laser rifle that would have such power, and even shoot a kilometer. Nevertheless, Koldway hopes that Chinese scientists “will arrange a demonstration and disgrace him.”

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