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All the historical saves Akinfeev in five pictures

In the 1/8 finals the Spaniards were able to score to him only from the penalty spot.

The hero of the confrontation between Russia and Spain at the World Cup in 2018 was Igor Akinfeev. He was recognized as the best player of the match: the Russian goalkeeper missed only an own goal and three penalty shoot-outs.

For the match, Akinfeev nine times did not allow to hit the net of his goal. Another six strokes of the Spaniards realized past the gate. The Russians only once hit the target and three times struck by. If it were not for Ignashevich’s own goal and Dziuba’s penalty kick, the first half would be remembered by the duel of Diego Costa and Akinfeev in compensated time.

1 time

Akinfeev’s double escape occurred on the 85th minute of the meeting. First he jumped the ball after Iniesta strikes, and then he was reinsured, beating off Aspas’ strike along the gate.

2 half

In extra time the Spaniards continued to own the ball and endlessly pass. Since 1966, at the World Championships, so far no one has done as many transfers per match (1137).

1 time extra time

109 minutes made me hold my breath. Rodrigo struck from the corner, Akinfeev repulsed, but the Spaniards had a chance to finish the ball into the goal. Mario Fernandez covered Karwahal’s attack. The defensive line of Russians again coped.

2 time extra time

Akinfeev has never lost a penalty shootout in his adult career. The national teams of Russia and the USSR at the World Championships also did not lose them, because they never got to them. The debut was a success. Akinfeev beat off the blows of Koke and Aspas with his favorite right side, with which he often takes a penalty. Field players coolly realized everything – 4: 3. The first strong-willed victory of Russia at the World Championships and the first exit to the quarterfinals in its newest history.

For the Spaniards, this was the first defeat of the Russian national team and the third (of four) lost series of penalties at the World Championships.

Penalty shootout

July 7, Russia will play in the quarterfinals against Croatia, which in official matches so far did not miss – but the Croats, Russians did not score. In the only friendly match in 2015, the Russian team lost with a score of 1: 3. Akinfeev in that match did not go on the field.

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