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A resident of Sudan spouted 20 hours on a SIM card from Poland. He found her in the tracker of ecologists, who fell from the stork

The scientist, who studied the migration of birds, will have to pay about 2.5 thousand euros for conversations of an unknown person.

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Polish team of ecologists EcoLogic will have to pay 10 thousand zlotys (about 2300 euros or about 168 thousand rubles) for 20 hours of telephone calls at the international tariff. However, specialists did not call from the number indicated in the bill from the mobile operator.

According to representatives of EcoLogic, they inserted a problem SIM card into a special tracker to track migration of storks. The bird was released from the town of Siedlce, after which it flew 6 thousand kilometers and settled in the Blue Nile valley in Sudan. After that, the link with the tracker disappeared.

Environmentalists suggested that a tracking device with a SIM card could be found by one of the local residents, who then inserted it into his phone. However, since the phone number was issued by representatives of EcoLogic, they have to pay a thousand-dollar bill.

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