Xiaomi failed to place shares on the stock exchange

In early May, Xiaomi management announced plans to enter the international stock exchange. To the primary placement of securities in the company were prepared thoroughly, having studied all possible risks and having decided on the goals.

And now Xiaomi’s securities are finally open for purchase on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Alas, the IPO passed without a record, and the final financial indicators were lower than those expected in the company.

In total Xiaomi sold shares worth $ 4.72 billion. And this is with the initial forecasts from $ 10 billion with further adjustments to $ 6.1 billion.

Those who worried that Xiaomi can “crush Apple” can exhale. Before the American company in terms of capitalization of the Chinese as before space. After the IPO, Xiaomi is estimated at $ 54 billion.

Many investors attribute not quite a successful exit to the Xiaomi exchange with a decrease in the Hang Seng exchange index of the USA by 6.5%. It seems that the situation will have to be disrupted by the release of a dozen or two new gadgets, which for Xiaomi is unlikely to be a problem. Reuters ]

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