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“We had a bite of hot dogs and everything turned out so”: fans with kokoshniks became the main meme of the Russia-Spain match

In their opinion, it is sausages that bring victory.

July 1 in the “Luzhniki” was a match of the 1/8 finals of the 2018 World Cup, in which Russia beat Spain in the penalty shootout. The game was remembered not only happening on the field – one of the heroes of the match according to the version of social networks were three fans in kokoshniks, who ate hot dogs on the podium. A shot from the broadcast with their participation was divided into jokes and photojacks, and the fans themselves later admitted that they were betting on the victory of the Spaniards.

In general, the meeting between Russia and Spain ended with a score of 1: 1. Wards Stanislav Cherchesova for additional time fought back and almost did not attack themselves, and the dangerous moments in the game almost stopped. Closer to the end of overtime in the broadcast showed the fans in kokoshniki – and they immediately fell in love with users.

In social networks joked that the frame from the “Luzhniki” can be described by an appeal to the Russian team: “Play the way we eat for you.”

The fans became heroes of photojacks.

Because of the Spanish flag on the cheeks, some bloggers have suggested that the fans in the kokoshniks are Spaniards. The Dozhd television channel spokewith the heroes of the match and found out that it was a Russian family: the designer Inna Kalenskaya, her husband – the vice-president of the company IMA-Press, Dmitry Hnatyuk, and their nephew – the owner of the bar Yuri Gnatyuk. They told reporters that they were rooting for Russia, but they were putting them on Spain. In their opinion, it is strange that the goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev became the hero of the match, and attention is paid to them.

In the last hour the phone is torn. All of us have seen – both in Europe and in America. It’s very strange: they came to cheer for the team, they had a bite of hot dogs and everything turned out that way. We do not remember the time when we did not chew something.

In kokoshniks, we went to the opening match, to the game of Brazil and Serbia, but there we did not eat sausages. Apparently, this was the problem. This time they took hot dogs – and here it is, the key to success. Sausages, by the way, bring victory.

fans in kokoshniks

The fans have already begun to learn in the subway. At least while they are in kokoshniki.

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