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“The most unlucky person in Pompeii” died from the ashes, like many other residents of the city

Researchers denied their early findings.

Photo by Associated Press

Representatives of the archaeological park Pompeii said that the pompeian, whose head was crushed by a stone slab, died from the inhalation of volcanic ash, as well as other inhabitants of the ancient city. At first, scientists thought that he survived the first stage of the disaster at home, and then unsuccessfully went out into the street.

The archaeologists came to new conclusions after a more thorough examination of the remains and detection of the upper body, as well as the bones of the hands and skull. The cause of the death of a man became asphyxiation: he suffocated from the pyroclastic flow – a mixture of high-temperature volcanic gases, ash and stones. By the time the stove fell on him, he was already dead.

An unusual discovery was first reported in May 2018. Then the scientists discovered the remains of a man, decapitated by a stone slab, and decided that he survived after the eruption in 79 AD, but died from the fall of a stone boulder when he went out into the street. In the media, he received the nickname “the most unlucky person in Pompeii.”

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