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The American wanted to look at women under the skirts with a camera in his boot, but it exploded

The man received burns and himself surrendered to the police.

A 32-year-old American from the city of Madison in Wisconsin wanted to make intimate photos of women using a camera in his boot. However, even before he could get down to business, the device’s battery exploded, traumatizing the man. The incident was told by Madison police chief Mike Koval in his daily blog.

After the incident, the American first turned to the priest and the hospital, and then surrendered to the police and confessed to committing a “crime of a sexual nature.” Policemen told him how not to behave and let go, since he did not have time to break the law.

Photographs “from under the skirt” are a criminal offense in most American states, including Wisconsin. Violators face up to 3.5 years in prison and a major fine.

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