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RIA Novosti: employees of Baikonur have been banned from using social networks at work because of the threat of leaks

The ban concerns not only working computers, but also personal gadgets.

Employees of Baikonur cosmodrome were banned during working hours to use social networks from working computers and personal gadgets to prevent information leaks. This is said at the disposal of the director of the cosmodrome Yevgeny Rakovsky, whom RIA Novosti learned about .

A list of social networking sites, as well as the names of instant messengers, including Telegram, is also available.

In order to ensure measures to prevent leakage of official information, strengthen labor discipline […] prohibit branch employees from using personal mobile phones and tablets during working hours to visit social networking sites and instant messaging systems.

the order of the director of Baikonur

The source of RIA Novosti at the Baikonur cosmodrome confirmed the authenticity of the order. He explained that all employees of the cosmodrome were required to sign an introduction to the document.

The Center for the Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities (Roscosmos Organization, which operates Russian spaceports) declined to comment.

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