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Novosibirsk was offered free pick up logs from the Ob Sea

Administration of the park “By the Sea Obskoy”, located in the Soviet district of Novosibirsk, invited the Novosibirsk people to pick up the trees planted to the shore.

As the deputy director of the park Sergey Alekseyev told the NGS correspondent , the trees and branches were nailed to the beach of the park last weekend.

“Yes, you can come and take. There are no restrictions, you can at least take out all this stuff. Topljak two days as it appeared because of the second wave of high water. The second wave of high water carries water from Altai and brings everything that is washed off the coast. We already give in the form of finished products, you can take it clean. You can come with your chainsaws, “the deputy director of the park Sergey Alexsev told the NGS correspondent.

Toplayk and crippled – our everything

According to Alexeyev’s observations, over the weekend, none of the townspeople came to pick up the stump.

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