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No fish, no meat, no gears. Review of the second season of the series “World of the Wild West”

The first season of the series “World of the Wild West” was a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room, where dozens and hundreds of other television shows accumulated. A hint of science fiction, a look at the possible future of mankind, discussion of social and personal problems, several eminent actors, Hollywood heavyweights among producers, an active advertising campaign. Well, the HBO television channel, in the end, which gave the world the “Game of Thrones”.

The show was launched in 2016, “The World of the Wild West” won the recognition of critics and viewers, although it repeated many of the mistakes that characterize the genre. All of them can be combined in one phrase: “We started for health, but we finished for rest”. Maybe she describes better if not the finale of the first season, then a noticeable part of it – to sustain the rhythm and surprise for a long time is very difficult.

The fact that the sequel will follow was obvious, and in 2018 the premiere of the second season of Westworld was held. Expected, it is necessary to say. What did the producers prepare, what story do they want to tell? Maybe this will be a narrative about the new life of robots in the Park. Or outside it. The war will begin and “Skynet” will come, and after him – the Savior. You could guess as long as you like.

Attention, further spoilers are possible!

The second season already from the start looks divorced from the fact that the first one ended. Writers and directors of individual series have set themselves the goal of making the perception of what is happening on the screen as difficult as possible. With this approach, you can hide story holes, hide nonsense, but at the same time resemble a clever movie with Very Deep Sense.

“Beginner”, after watching the first episode of the second season, almost certainly will not return to him – boring, incomprehensible. The tempo grows, and another problem arises: even a person familiar with the background becomes confused. “Well, probably, then this tangle will be unraveled, ” a thought arises. Yes, attempts will be made – lost, by their own admission, were the characters themselves, but the explanations are banal and not worth the effort to hide the answers.

Moreover, often all the complexities and decisions are far-fetched: “So, to explain what happened, we need to make a new hole in the ground and organize a laboratory there. Yes, nobody knew about it before. Here we put a counternut that holds the whole plot. Aw, she’s getting out, now everyone’s going to die. Give this robot the rights of the administrator and make it an android-telepath, he will save everyone, and then make him die. No, not all, some will not respond to commands. Why? Damn, well, it’s necessary! “

Characters ask special questions, script writers and editors make up a video sequence so that the viewer gets lost in time and space. Here and there, as from the air, there are new locations. Robots (by definition, on their artificial origin 99.9% of screen time does not indicate anything) they act like they should: they have knowledge, artificial intelligence allows you to act super efficiently, but this does not stop the androids from regularly turning on the fool and returning to the path laid down by the programmers.

Dialogues of the “World of the Wild West” can be perceived in different ways. Ears wilt because of pathos, fanciful words. Then comes understanding (or, rather, a possible explanation) – these are the mechanisms that act according to the given algorithms. Therefore, they have such a strange speech. There is a cognitive dissonance: the machines have found a purpose and motivation, but at the same time they remained stupid dolls. This impression is warmed by the fact that, when it is necessary in the plot, the AI ​​is at the same level as HAL 9000.

“World of the Wild West” has turned into a monotonous story about the journey of different groups of people and robots (together and separately) in different time periods. Some of the characters were pushed into the background, leaving as a cherry on the cake to the finale, others undesirably puffed out. However, this does not make much sense.

The series resembles a game in which there are tasks and clearly marked ways to solve them, but they have no influence whatsoever on what’s going on. Times (in fact – two gaps with a difference of several decades) and events interspersed should create some kind of intrigue – at some point the viewer will put everything in its place and admire. However, in fact the story lines are not elegantly tied into a neat ball, which is interesting to untangle, but represent the headphone wires in the pocket.

Who in the series has no place, so it’s people: here gathered the most stupid representatives of the human race, teaching them the reactions of victims of second-rate horror films. Looks at least ridiculous. “Safeguard” dies like flies at the sight of antique weapons, do not save their “sci-fi” Beretta U22 Neos and guests of cheap NF-series – painted versions of FN P90.

One of the rare rays of light in this realm of machines reaching their destination was the eighth episode with a story about the Indian Akitchet. Its difference lies in its isolation from the main plot, it is almost an independent story about love, with drama, empathy and so on. If desired, you can even shed a few tears. And then, when an Indian with the face of an old man and the body of a young man recedes into the background, the tyagomotin again comes back to find an artificial soul and the “personalities” born in the throes of self-knowledge. Good denouement is close.

In the final episode, the authors explain the behavior of the key characters, trying to collect the mosaic as carefully as possible, and then turn on the generator of boring puzzles and, conspiratorily winking, with the corner of their mouth they say: “This next season …”

In Westworld, as noted above, there are only hints of “science fiction”, and the western series does not pull. Neither fish nor meat, worthy of the channel Sci-Fi. You can return to the series later by watching it a second time. The chronology of what is happening in this case will become obvious, better or worse from this “World of the Wild West” will not. Philosophical questions about the meaning of life, soul and the right to freedom? God save from the invasion of crazy robots!

The second season against the background of the first looks much weaker, but it became clear: all the dead, dead and dead can easily return in the third. And, most likely, they will.

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