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In Sweden came into force the law on mandatory, unequivocal consent to sex

Since July 1, in Sweden, a law has entered into which partners are obliged to unequivocally report their consent to sexual intercourse.

According to the law, now the sexual act will be considered voluntary, if the partners gave oral consent or clearly demonstrated their desire for feeling in it. In any other case, the sexual act will be recognized as rape.

Sex will be considered a crime if it was not voluntary on the part of both partners, regardless of whether violence or threats were used

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Also, according to the law, now it will not be necessary to prove the intention for serious sexual crimes. The publication notes that such a rule means that the alleged offender can be convicted, even if he did not intend to rape a person.

Also, the minimum period for rape has changed, now it is 4 years. Thus, Sweden became the 10th country in Europe, which equated sex without consent to rape.

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