In Russia, they will block stolen phones

The Federation Council approved the previously developed concept of smartphone control through a unique IMEI number. Thus, it is planned to organize the fight against the importation of gray devices into Russia, and also to minimize the number of thefts of smartphones.

The fact is that all devices with suspicious IMEI will be blacklisted. Access to this list will be for all cellular operators, therefore such phones will not be serviced.

When buying smartphones abroad, it will be necessary to register them in a special IMEI database, which has not yet been developed in Russia. Access to it will be possible both from the salons of communication, and on the Internet portal.

In fact, with the introduction of such a system, theft of smartphones in Russia can become meaningless. The maximum that can be obtained from the “permanently locked device” – spare parts for repair. You can not bypass the IMEI lock. Vedomosti ]

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