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In Germany, a schoolgirl was not given a certificate for courses because of the three euros of debt for lunch, at which she was not even

The director of the school promised to understand the situation.

Lena Jugert. EZ photo

In the German city of Emden, a 17-year-old schoolgirl Lena Jugert was not given a certificate of passing the first class of two-year education in the field of social pedagogy. The reason was a debt of three euros (220.6 rubles on July 2, 2018) for a festive dinner, writes the local edition of EZ.

On the festive dinner and the collection of money for him was announced on June 23 – the teacher sent out notices in the student group in WhatsApp. The event was held on June 25, but Jugert was not present on it.

Stephanie’s mother went to the school’s secretariat, but they said that the secretary does not have enough authority to issue a certificate. The teacher, who contacted Stephanie, said that the payment of debt is principled, and the girl will receive the certificate only after the amount has been paid.

Due to the fact that Jugert did not receive the certificate, she will not be able to continue her studies on the courses after the holidays. The girl’s parents told EZ that they “do not understand the school’s approach” to the problem.

Director of the school Margaret Nolte learned about the situation with the certificate of Jugert from the publication of EZ. She stated that “the student will immediately receive a certificate,” but declined to comment further. The teacher, who refused to issue the document, also did not begin to talk with the publication.

Department of Education of the province of Lower Saxony engaged in the investigation of the situation.

Debt of three euros is not the reason for not issuing a certificate. We have not had such cases yet.

Press Secretary of the Lower Saxony Education Department
Bianca Sheynach
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