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How to print a photo from an iPhone on a T-shirt and a magnet. Review Mimigram

How many photos are stored on your iPhone and iCloud?

Precisely not a miserable hundred. Thousands, tens of thousands. Today they are there. And then again – and no.

Memory must be tangible. Photos sooner or later should become paper . They are more abrupt to share, they can be exhibited at home and given to relatives, for which they are even more valuable.

I myself came to this when my son was born. There is only one problem .

Why is it so difficult to get pictures from the memory of the iPhone?

If you remember, the iPhone and iPad almost built in the function of printing photos. It was possible to open the iPhoto application and order the printing of anything directly from there in a variety of formats. But it has not been supported for five years now.

Alas, printing photos from the iPhone using the traditional method is a terribly inconvenient process .

I must somehow at first drop them on the computer. I can not download via iTunes. There is an option to transfer by AirDrop to a Mac or to pick in the complex internal folder structure through Explorer in Windows, and then, if it is.

But then, in any case, you need to throw pictures on the flash drive, carry in the salon. Or to throw pictures in a cloud archive. Which while will be collected, while it will be unloaded, while it there download.

In short. Print pictures from the iPhone right from the iPhone. It’s fast. And there are such services. Here, for example, Mimigram .

What kind of Mimigram is this?


There is nothing to do with Instagram, and this is not a social network, so we breathe out.

Mimigram is the official application for remote printing of photos from the iPhone and iPad onFujifilm paper and consumables. Yes, the very one that almost a century makes cameras and photo printing equipment. You know her, I’m sure.

Mimigram allows you to print a couple of clicks of photos taken on the iPhone – with delivery to the house anywhere in Russia.

How it works:

1. Download the program from the App Store , it is free.

2. Open, select the type and format of printing.

3. Take photos directly from iCloud, Instagram, Facebook or local memory that you want to print.

4. Driving the address of delivery, make out an order for yourself or a friend. All! Delivered by courier or to the point of self-delivery throughout Russia.

More precisely, almost everything. If Mimigram were just typing sample photos 3 to 4, it would be too trivial.

In Mimigram there are cool and unusual printing formats


The chip in a big choice on what to place your pictures. Nobody forces to make them typical, paper or in standard sizes. Check out the formats:


Mimibook : a photobook 20 × 20 cm, from 20 to 80 pages. Photo in the whole area, square, without borders. Customizable cover.


Poster in the frame : one large vertical photo or picture with white edging. 30 × 45 cm, wooden frame, glass.


Mimibox : a gift box of 20-40 cm small photos 10 × 13 a-la “Polaroid”, which can be signed at the bottom of the hand (very steep, next time I will take it). Or, pre-sign each photo directly in the application, and add a color frame.


Framed photo : 30 × 30 cm, wooden frame, glass. From the poster is different only in the format of the picture, here it is square.


Photo cards : traditional photo printing on paper in six formats: 10 × 10 cm square, 10 × 15 standard, 15 × 15 medium square, 20 × 20 square, 20 × 30 standard, and vintage 10 × 12 polaroid cm.


Art-canvas : really canvas, on which one or several photos are printed in the form of a mosaic. The latter option will be useful, if you want to convey a story from life or a story. Variants for one photo – 20 × 20 cm and 20 × 30, for several at once – 30 × 45 and 40 × 60 cm.


Magnetto : from the name you can guess that these are magnets with photo printing. Small, only 6 × 6 cm. Hidden in a gift bag. Sets from 10 to 30 pcs.


T-shirt : yes, in Mimigram you can print a photo directly on the T-shirt. You can choose not only your photo, but also any picture from the Internet. Available in all sizes from XS to XL. The shirt itself is white, round the gate. The photo will be 21 × 30 cm. There are gift wrapping.


Mug : this you could now think of. Option one for 330 ml of white. The picture can take as a part of the area of ​​the mug, and its entire side part up to the handle.


Pati-puzzle : really cool stuff! This is a photo that is printed on the puzzle. Size 21 × 30 cm, 120 pieces. Packed in a gift box with a bow. Directly asked to hand as a gift and collect all together.


Calendar : 2018-2019 year, the photos will be 20 × 30. The format itself is vertical. For every day a new photo. The calendar itself is not “naked”: bright, with different typography, colors and background. You can chase and pick up a photo for each month. Please note, if you order a calendar before the 15th day, it starts from the current month, if after the 15th – then the next month.

So, like everything.

How much does it cost to print a photo through Mimigram?


The cheapest options will cost only 10 rubles. per piece, the most expensive –  3100 rubles. , and then they have one at all.

On the flip side, the magnets will be 790 rubles each, a mug 490 rubles, a T-shirt 1600 rubles, a calendar 800 rubles, and a chic in its idea pati-puzzle – 990 rubles. already with the gift box.

I will not specify the entire price list, it’s easier for you to download a program for free and ask yourself. As for me, the prices are normal, and given the quality of the print and the variety of options – generally excellent.

Important: pay a card cheaper. There will be an additional discount.

There is also a system of bonus points . From the first order you will get 5% of the cost. You can use them in the next order, from which also 5% will come. And ad infinitum. Here more .

If you collect a “basket” of 3000 rubles and more, delivery in general will be free (though this action only works in Moscow). And recommending the service to friends, and they, and you will receive an additional discount. In short, the options to save in Mimigram is complete.

What about print quality?

I myself ordered the printing of ordinary photographs and “mimic” – an album with large square photos.

I’m not an expert in paper pics, so I gave them for examination to my wife. The answer is all good . The paints are bright, contrasting, no printing defects or white stripes. You can hang all 100 pieces in a frame or send to relatives.

Mimi-pack turned out exactly as described in the appendix: large square pictures with a dense substrate and two-sided printing. Specifically compared it and a simple paper photo, the difference in color or clarity is not found.

I already think, can take pictures of him and put the house as is? Or make a collage on the wall of them, it will be good.

As for me, there are no minuses, except that one drawback : you can not change the location and size of the photo on the cover of the mimibook. There are placed strictly 4 photos, plus the alphabetic signature below at will.

Finally. What I liked about Mimigram most of all

There are a lot of print formats, but that’s not the point.

Typically, in such applications, “creative” formats are implemented very clumsily: they chose pictures and everything. Do not understand how it looks in reality, where the framework and stuff.

Here, in the preview window, you can precisely place each photo on the square of one or another format: for example, if you ordered a mug , the circle of the circle with a photo on it is displayed. You can move, zoom, stretch – understanding how it will end up as a result.

For each of the print formats there is a “stencil”, and therefore there is no sense of uncertainty when making out an order. You arranged everything yourself, saw a virtual copy of the finished version. What else do you need to be sure?

A couple of clicks, pictures on the road. And no USB flash drives

For each Mimigram will be its own.

Someone will find in it just a convenient program, through which you can remotely print any pictures from iPhone and get them with delivery to the door.

And for someone, he will help in the difficult matter of finding gifts. There are so many cool options that you will not miss.

Magnets, photos, puzzles , and even a whole canvas – where did you see this? And, of course, paper photos of any standard sizes. Opened, chose, ordered.

Again, Mimigram is free and does not require registrations. Download and see for yourself, how come to realize creative imagination or banally perpetuate good photos of yourself and the family:


🖼Download Mimigram in the App Store for free


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