Found the best application of the old iPad

As if Apple did not try to ensure the maximum life cycle of its tablets, sooner or later the iPad turns into a pumpkin. The gadget does not pull most applications, does not support the installation of current versions of iOS and begins to brazenly brak.

The user Reddit came up with a very original way to use the time-tested iPad tablets of the first and second generations.

The guy turned them into picturesque pictures, built into the framework for portrait photos.

Part of the frame was covered with paper, and for the iPad screen was made a small cutout in size.

Having connected a 30-pin cable and carefully laying it in a cable-laying machine, the author of the DIY project received “eternal” pictures.

On the tablets, the automatic switch to sleep mode was turned off, and now they constantly show those pictures that the user wants.

A similar project with the old Pocketbook was once done by us , turning an archaic gadget into an excellent thermometer with a clock. Reddit ]

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