Apple will release an iPhone with two SIM-cards this year

Many users believe that Apple will still introduce an iPhone slot for the second “sim card”. Keep another rumor about this.

Resource 21st Century Business Herald reports that at least one iPhone in 2018 will be equipped with two SIM-cards. One of them – Apple SIM, which allows you to freely switch between operators.

In China, where the Apple SIM is unavailable, Apple will offer an iPhone with two physical trays for SIM cards.

The report does not specify which model will be equipped with Apple SIM. But we know something with you, that in Russia this innovation should not be expected. The company sells its “sims” as much as from 2014, but in Russia they are banned.

If Apple’s smartphones get an extension of up to two SIM, then we probably will get either a device with one tray, or with two. But definitely not with a branded SIM card. Macrumors ]

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