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20th Century Fox screens another story of Stephen King

This time, the king of horrors sold the rights to the “Bougimena” for a symbolic price of $ 1. The screenwriters Brian Woods and Scott Beck, who once proved to be working on the “Quiet Place”, will  adapt the famous story to the screens, reports .

Production of the film version of “Bougaina” will be occupied by the studio of 20th Century Fox and the production company Shona Levy 21 Laps. When the film comes out and who will be in it, it is not reported yet. At the moment the script is at the writing stage and there are no details about the output of the film.

The story “And the beech came” was written in 1973. Later, he entered the collection “Night shift”. The story tells of a man named Lester Billings, who is convinced that in the closet of one of the rooms there lives a mysterious creature that crawls out at night and tries to kill him. The young man naturally doubts his mental health, but it does not become easier for him. The night terror continues.

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