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World Cup 2018 in Russia becomes the most profitable in the history of tournaments

The Football World Cup in Russia has already been rated as the most profitable tournament ever. Profit brings not only a direct visit to the matches of the football championship of the planet, but also television broadcasts, advertising sales, numerous interviews with coaches and players, fans’ expenses in the country of the tournament and much more.

If in 2010 in South Africa FIFA earned about 3.9 billion dollars, in 2014 in Brazil – 4.8 billion dollars, then at the moment (and the tournament has reached its equator today), the FIFA profit is estimated at about 3.2 billion dollars . The overall forecast is 6.1 billion, which is about 10-12% more than was originally planned. This is reported by the American The New York Times.

Records on the attendance of matches the tournament in Russia does not set. One of the reasons is the capacity of Russian stadiums. So, the average attendance at the moment is estimated at 45.39 thousand spectators per match. For comparison, this is higher than in the tournament in 2002 in Japan and South Korea, higher than at the FM-98 in France, but significantly lower than the attendance of the FM-94 in the US.

In the United States, an average of 69 thousand people attended the match. However, since the start of playoff games, average attendance will increase, as games will be held at the largest stadiums, including the stadium “St. Petersburg” and “Luzhniki”.

The economic effect of holding the championship for Russia itself is also estimated. The government claims that in the five years of preparation for the tournament this effect amounted to 867 billion rubles (about 1% of GDP). Officially spent on training at the same time 13.2 billion dollars. This is reported by Forbes.

Only for accommodation in hotels and food in the cities of the tournament, fans spent more than 30 billion rubles for two weeks. That is – for more than two billion a day. And this is according to the most conservative official estimates.

The most impressive is the humanitarian effect. Hundreds of thousands of foreign fans who are in Russia, for the most part, are in real amazement about what they saw in our country, and what they originally said about Russia was their media.

Therefore, a wave of so-called “post-championship” tourism is expected in the Russian Federation, when tourists from countries of the world will travel to the country, in which the returning fans will tell about all the delusions of horror stories about Russia.
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