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World Championship in simulation. The best memes and viral videos of June

From memes about football can not get away. We warn in advance. As well as the fact that today the window will be extremely disgusting weather. So do not rush to get up because of the computer. Better spend 10 minutes behind a fresh selection of June bayans about football, another flash mob with pets, as well as over sticky “cubes” and life web comics.

By the way, in order to feed the positive source, we got the Telegram-channel “Some kind of game” for lovers of memasics and ridiculous hyphas  . Its filling corresponds to the name.

Noise around the World Cup

In neighboring Russia is the World Cup. This is a global event that attracts even those who over the last four years and one football match did not look at the TV screens. But the tournament is not limited to the field and 90 minutes of the match. Around the events indirectly related to the championship, there is also a resonance in social networks. About it, we will tell.

It all began with a Mexican fan, whom his wife did not let go with friends at the World Cup. The friends decided to print out his figure on the cardboard and take it on a trip. “My old woman did not let me go” – the inscription on his T-shirt was broadcasting. But by the end of the group stage the guy was noticed in Russia. Apparently, he still ran away from his “old woman”.

Perhaps, the inscription on the shirt he replaced with a message to the inhabitants of Russia:

Distinguished at the World Cup Diego Maradona, who has recently been zitspresedatelnikom Pound … Oh, no! Simply chairman of the club “Dynamo-Brest”. His expressive inadequate behavior became the object of cameras for both journalists and ordinary viewers. In the final match of the group stage between Nigeria and Argentina, he in the first half first demonically celebrated Messi’s goal, and then decided to sleep.

The final goal of Argentina Maradona was celebrated as a rock star, addressing to someone on the field two middle fingers.

Users of social networks suspected that such a cycle of activity Diego can be associated with the use of stimulants.

True, Maradona can already get ready to go home. His team flew out of the tournament, losing to the French in the 1/8 finals.

They were followed by the Portuguese, who conceded Uruguay.

The current world champions failed to defend their title, but continued the amazing tradition: almost every world champion flies out at the group stage of the next tournament. So it was with France in 2002, with Italy in 2010, with Spain in 2014. And now it is Germany’s turn. Conspiracy, not otherwise.

But the Brazilians, whom the Germans constantly reminded of a devastating defeat with a score of 7: 1, were unspeakably happy with this outcome.

Themselves, the Germans were in tears from losing to South Korea and relegation from the World Cup.

But the Mexicans were happy about it. The victory of the Koreans guaranteed them an exit in the playoffs. For this they literally wore Koreans in their arms. In Mexico, the fans reached the South Korean Embassy, ​​where they thanked the ambassador for the victory of his team.

And a lot of memes were devoted to just the off-scale number of simulators. Especially in this field from the wits got Neymaru and individual Portuguese, who turn football into theatrical productions.

Hide and Seek with Dogs

While everyone was busy with football, the owners of the dogs made a real flash mob with their pets. They showed them a focus with extinctions. Standing in the doorway, they hid and showed themselves to their dogs because of rugs and blankets, and at one point they ran away. Some dogs were so shocked by this magic.

For myself and for Sashka

In May, blogger Eugene BadComedian Bazhenov published a review of the Russian film “Movement Up”. Among other things, criticism in the review was motivated by the characters of the picture. According to the blogger, the Soviet basketball team on the screen turns into a team only thanks to the phrase “For myself and for Sashka.” She is shouted by the head coach after the illness of Alexander Belov – one of the heroes of the tape. Bazhenov believes that this motif is so insignificant that it can be used anywhere, whether it’s a boxing match or a slogan in elections.

The phrase “For myself and for Sasha” as a result left for the people, who began to try it on other famous films, as well as on the situation of life

By the way, the hand-drawn version of “For myself and for Sasha” in the form of a comic strip has given birth to a separate sub-group. The child learned to swallow a spoon not only for himself and for Sashka, but also for his homeland, for “Stalker 2”, for the Airborne Forces, etc.

Escape from the supermarket

It is unfortunate that this video was recorded without sound. But it’s just enchanting. It was in the city of Edmonton in Canada. The guy and the girl came to a small store and tried to pay for the jar of Pepsi stolen credit card. When the seller asked the young man, whether it was a card, he assured that it belongs to his girlfriend and everything is in order. Buyers looked suspicious, but because the store owner decided to call the police.

When the officer arrived, a couple got into a fight with him. At first the guy and then the girl tried to escape through the service entrance. But it was locked. Then the girl decided in the best traditions of the Die Hard to take advantage of the ventilation, but collapsed from under the ceiling right in the trading room while her boyfriend left the policeman’s taser.

Yellow Hat Chaeton stickers

Artist Chez Hatton – a mastak of all trades, but in runet he became famous for his pictures on yellow stickers. All of them inventively and with humor tell stories in which each of us can recognize ourselves

Comics from all over the Internet

Here are also some comics from very different artists from both the near and far abroad, which are not united by any one theme. Simply they are funny


We conclude our memorials with a traditional selection of special visual and musical art from the Coub spaces. As usual, at its end the most plodding awaits a pleasant bonus.

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