Turn Caps Lock into a super button. Suitable for any MacBook

When did you use Caps Lock (⇪) for the last time? If you want to make all the keys capital, I highlight the text, go to the Edit menu> Transforms and press Uppercase. It is available from any program on the Mac, so there is no point in a separate button.

But the key is very convenient location. When you type the text, it’s just under the little finger, so do not use it silly. Let’s reassign to something useful!

I used to switch input language via Command (⌘) + Space (␣), but now I use Caps Lock (⇪) for this. In this I was helped by the utility Karabiner-Elements.

Yes, now I switch input language via Caps Lock

Step 1. First, download the Karabiner-Elements . The program has open code that has been lying on GitHub for a long time.

Step 2. While it is loading, go to “System Settings”> “Keyboard”> “Modify Keys …”> “Caps Lock (⇪)”. Choose “No action”.


Step 3. Karabiner-Elements should have already downloaded. Install the application and go through the definition of the type of keyboard: European or American.

Step 4. Now create a rule for Caps Lock (⇪). In the Simple Modifications section, click Add item (+). In the From key column, select caps_lock, and To key – f16 (you can choose any other key that does not exist on the Mac keyboard).

Note: not all keys can be emulated. For example, f20 on my Mac instead of Caps Lock (⇪) could not be installed.

Step 5. Go back to “System Settings”> “Keyboard”. Go to the “Keyboard Shortcuts” section and select “Input Sources”. Change “Select the previous input source” or “Select the next source in the input menu” – press Caps Lock (⇪) and see f16 or another button that you are emulating.


Hooray! You managed to get useless Caps Lock (⇪) to switch the input languages. Now you need to get used to it, and then enjoy the super-button for 100%.

So you can change the action of any other button at your discretion. To do this on your Mac should be macOS Sierra or a newer version of the OS.

Wow! And how does this miracle application work?

I love macOS for using keyboard shortcuts. On them, you can hang most of the actions of both embedded applications and third-party applications. Nevertheless, the flexibility of their configuration is still limited, and to solve this problem will help Karabiner-Elements.

Free miracle utility will give you the opportunity to change the name of any Mac key. It substitutes the signal of one button for another, and the system does not notice the difference. Let’s go through the tabs of the application.

Simple Modifications. Simple modifications – here you can replace the action of one key with another. First click Add item (+). In the From key column, select the button you want to press, and in To key – the value that the system should receive.

In the example in To key, I used a non-existent button f16. You can choose any from f13 to f19 to come up with a new value for a particular key or a combination of them.

Function Keys. In this section, you can change the default values ​​of the f1-f12 buttons.

First they play the role of multimedia keys, but you can reassign them at your discretion.

Complex Modifications. With this menu you can use the ready rules. To begin with, you have prepared only 3, but you can download additional ones via the Internet.

The community is actively using Karabiner-Elements, so there are lots of rules.

Devices. Here you have the opportunity to select a specific keyboard for which the reassignment of the utility will be used.

This is convenient if you have assembled a workstation on the MacBook, and you need to split the actions for the laptop’s native and external keyboards.

Profiles. And with the help of this section of the program you can create several profiles for the keys, and then quickly change them through the menu bar.

Pay attention! If you are going to remove Karabiner-Elements, this is best done through its Misc menu. Otherwise, the tails of the application may remain in the system.

You can do with Caps Lock (⇪) or another button whatever you like

I highly recommend the Karabiner-Elements if you actively use the keyboard – it does not matter whether it’s built-in or external to any manufacturer.

With it, you can customize the keyboard shortcuts in such a way that you feel comfortable.

Set up additional buttons for PC-keyboard. You can easily reassign special keys to the input tool that is designed for Windows.

The buttons Print Screen, Menu, Find, Scroll Lock and Power must be reconfigured first.

Add Escape (⎋) to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. On them you can use it only through the touch strip of additional actions, but this can be changed.

For example, you can turn the same Caps Lock (⇪) into Escape (⎋).

Replace the right Shift (⇧) with something useful. For example, I never use this button on the right. I think it is enough and left, and the double can be reassigned to the same Launchpad.

As a result, Karabiner-Elements unleashes your hands in reconfiguring the keyboard at your discretion. Use it wisely to make the work on the Mac more convenient, and share interesting migration scenarios in the comments.

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