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The Golden Stone

It does not look very reliable, does it? Just like this balancing oil stone. It seems that this huge granite boulder is about to roll down and hide somewhere in the boundless green spaces. Nevertheless, the gilded formation, called the Golden Stone, balances on the ledge of the rock already (at least) several millennia. What’s the secret?According to legend, in the 7-meter pagoda, located on the top of the stone, the hair of the Buddha himself is walled …

Let’s look at this in more detail …

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The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda or the Golden Stone is a famous pilgrimage site for Buddhists from around the world, located in the state of Mont in Myanmar. At the top of the granite stone is a small pagoda 7.3 meters high. The boulder itself is covered with gold leaf.

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According to legend, the stone keeps from falling a lock of Buddha’s hair, which he personally gave to a hermit named Taik Tha. Not knowing how best to preserve the priceless relic, the monk turned to the king. It was decided to raise a huge boulder from the bottom of the sea, from there naty delivered it, Burmese perfume. At the top of the boulder was built a small Chaittio Pagoda, where they immured the Buddha’s hair, which, it is believed, protect the stone from falling.

Many skeptics who saw the pagoda for the first time claim that the stone and rocks under it are one. However, upon closer examination, it turns out that the stone is a completely separate formation of a different origin. Boulder can be slightly swung by two or three people.

With gold leaf, the stone was covered with Buddhist pilgrims.

In order to get to the Golden Stone, you need to overcome 16 km along the serpentine road, and then about 3 km on foot. Pilgrims, in turn, overcome 11 km on foot, and the last part of the way (just over 1 km) barefoot.

Women are prohibited from touching the stone and are in close proximity to it.

Foreigners are forbidden to stay near the Golden Stone for the night.

According to legend, the stone was placed on a rock by two Burmese perfumes (natami). Then he was discovered by a monk who was the guardian of the Buddha’s hair. He built a pagoda on it and immured in it an invaluable relic. Legend has it that initially the stone block hung in the air, but then, due to the decline of human morality, it sank.

A huge number of pilgrims visit this place, especially in the last month of the Burmese year – Tabang (March). Sometimes the ignition of candles, meditation and offering to the Buddha continues all night.

To touch the shrine covered with gold leaf is considered a sacred affair of believers – it is believed that one who passes three times a year by pilgrim to the Golden Stone will gain honor, respect and wealth.

Location: Myanmar, Mont, 260 km from Yangon or 16 km from Kinpun Village. Coordinates: 17 ° 29 ‘1 “N 97 ° 5’ 55” E The stone is about 6 meters high and about 25 meters in circumference.

Around the mountain itself, on which the shrine is located, there are several religious buildings in which believers can spend the night.

The countries of Asia have always been famous for their shrines, which not only enchant the sight, but also possess great energy. The Chaittio Pagoda is another confirmation of this.

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