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Since July 1, Russian banks will start collecting biometric data of customers. But Sberbank is not ready yet

Alfa Bank, Home Credit, VTB and others say they are ready for a new law.

Since July 1, Russian banks have to launch biometric identification of customers for remote account opening. Sberbank was the first to admit that it would implement the system later due to the unavailability of regulatory and legal acts.

As explained in the press service of the bank, biometric identification will be launched before the end of 2018, as “it is impossible to launch” the purchase and delivery of equipment to the offices.

Readiness to collect biometric data was confirmed by Alfa Bank, Home Credit, VTB, Rosbank and Post Bank. Tinkoff Bank, which does not have branches, will work through partners. Most of the points for collection were put by “Pochta Bank” – 120 branches in 83 regions.

According to the law , the client once passes registration in the bank and provides voice and photo recording, after which he can open accounts remotely. The information will be stored in the Unified Identification and Authentication System, so that it will be enough to confirm the voice and photo through the camera and microphone of the smartphone, tablet or computer.

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