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Rating of the richest clans of the world

Bloomberg compiled a list of 25 richest families in the world: together they control a fortune of $ 1.1 trillion.

Most of all in the list of families from the US – 10 clans, least of all – from the countries of Asia – there are only three.

The agency’s experts used information from a different rating when preparing the list, Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

The status of the names is estimated as of June 15 this year. The rating does not include clans that are billionaires in the first generation, as well as fortunes under the control of one heir. For this reason, only three Asian families and no family from China got in the top-25, despite the fact that in recent years in the ratings of billionaires, the Chinese are taking an increasing share.

Not included in the list and the family, whose condition is too scattered and not countable, such as the Rothschilds or Rockefellers. Families whose conditions are too closely tied to the state (the ruling house of Saudi Arabia – al-Saud) are also not included in the rating.

The first three lines are for American families.

1. Family Walton (founded the world’s largest chain of supermarkets Walmart) – $ 151.5 billion 
2. Family Koch (controls conglomerate Koch Industries, oil and chemical industries) – $ 98.7 billion.

3. Family Mars (the same name company Mars, owns, including, brands Mars and Snickers) – $ 89.7 billion.

The fourth line is for the Belgian families Van Damme, de Mevius and de Spoelberch (a controlling stake in the brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev), the state is estimated at $ 54.1 billion.

Fifth place – the French family Dumas (fashion house Hermes) – $ 49.2 billion.

The top ten also included the French family Verteimer (the Chanel fashion house, the state is estimated at $ 45.6 billion), the Ambani family from India (Reliance Industries Holding, $ 43.4 billion), the German Quandt family (BMW automobile brand, $ 42.7 billion) , Cargill from the US (Cargill, $ 42.3 billion).

Two German families close the top-10: von Baumbach and Boehringer (Boehringer Ingelheim, $ 42.2 billion).

In the rating did not hit any Russian billionaire.


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