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Hybrid Glock and Kalashnikov AK-Draco NAK9

The American weapons company Century Arms has developed the AK-Draco NAK9 submachine gun, which is a rather curious hybrid of the famous AK-47 and Austrian Glock 17 pistol.

AK-Draco NAK9 is actually a submachine gun in the style of Kalashnikov assault rifle, which was adapted for use with standard Glock pistol magazines. Due to its fighting qualities and reliability, this pistol became widely used as a civilian weapon of self-defense both in America and around the world. “Glock” is mostly made of high-strength heat-resistant plastic, due to which it is light and durable.

Glock consists of only 33 parts, including a store, and a complete disassembly does not take a minute. Maintenance of the pistol can be carried out without the use of special equipment with the help of improvised tools, which greatly facilitates the maintenance and repair of weapons. As standard, it is equipped with a magazine for 17 rounds, but you can use stores with a capacity of 19 and 33 cartridges.

Many parts of the pistol are made with the use of polymer materials, including the frame, which allowed to reduce the mass of weapons to 900 grams in the outfit, of which the store weighs 250 grams. Glock is also loved for the high survivability of knots and mechanisms – just like the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle. It’s not known how the Americans suddenly thought of crossing these weapons, but AK-Draco NAK9 is already on sale.

It is more compact in size than the AK-47, and the nine in the name, by the way, means a caliber of 9 millimeters. To a submachine gun, any stores from Glock pistols, including an increased capacity, are suitable. Comes with the hybrid “Kalashnikov” and “Glock” is a 33-charger store and Picatinny plank for attaching various accessories. Issue AK-Draco NAK9 in Romania, and its value in the US is 679 dollars.

The test of a new submachine gun was shown on the Web. The tester released all 33 cartridges, which are enclosed in the maximum configuration.

Judging by the video, AK-Draco NAK9, although it is quick-fired, but can not queue.

Alas, in the plot there were no targets to understand how accurate the submachine gun was.

Recall that AK-Draco NAK9 – not a crafty development of craftsmen. This is the offspring of the American company Century Arms. True, it is produced in Romania. Recently the novelty went on sale. 
The hybrid inherited from AK a look and a sight. But it is created, as well as Glock, from durable, light and heat-resistant plastic.

The trunk AK-Draco NAK9 is shortened to a minimum – with the preservation of the “proprietary” AK sighting device.

The price of a submachine gun is 725 dollars.

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