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How the Germans grow potatoes

Even the usual planting of potatoes in Germany looks like a complicated, prepared in advance and planned operation. But the results of such work are very impressive: look at what the Germans are doing, for the sake of a good harvest.

The first minutes of the video are surprising. The preparation of the soil is given tremendous attention: it is shaken completely to remove any possible weed grass. 

Between the rows there are large gaps, but the trench itself for the tubers is as narrow as possible. Especially effective is the inter-row processing: potato bushes are filled with soil from the inter-rows – now the roots will remain in the lower layer, and above, without excess of unnecessary moisture, the tubers themselves will remain.

Harvest is not less carefully collected. No manual work, special harvesters neatly pass through the field, screening out the ground and leaving only the potatoes in the body. Beauty! 

I have not seen it happen for a long time. Approximately the same way?

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