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Gangster, 25 years old, escaped from a French prison by helicopter

46-year-old Redoine Faid (Redoine Faid), sentenced to 25 years in prison for an unsuccessful attempt at a robbery, during which a police officer died, escaped from prison near Paris on the morning of July 1.

In this he was assisted by several well-armed accomplices, who organized a sabotage at the entrance to the prison and diverted the attention of the guards, thus enabling the light helicopter to land in the prison yard. The helicopter was hijacked from the site of a flying school nearby, it was run by the school instructor, taken hostage.

It is reported that the helicopter drove Faid to the motorway, where he moved to the black Renault Megane, later found burned in the parking of one of the shopping centers in the suburbs of Paris. The pilot of the helicopter was released and taken to one of the local hospitals in a state of shock, and the helicopter was also burned.

This is not Faid’s first escape from prison: in 2013, half an hour after arriving in one of the prisons in northern France, the gangster took four of the guards hostage and, using them as a human shield, fled, blowing up several doors with dynamite. He was detained after a month and a half of searches.

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