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Fortnite players looked at a unique event and died from cunning gamers

This weekend in the multiplayer action Fortnite took place a unique event – the launch of a rocket with its accompanying spectacular visual phenomenon in the sky. The event was unique: in Epic Games noted that this will no longer be. For the sake of an important event, gamers announced an unspoken truce – instead of traditional sich they just looked at the sky. But they spoiled the holiday.

Several players started the battle either on purpose, or not understanding why no one is fighting. Taking advantage of the situation, they arranged a sweep of the location and killed almost all the other gamers who were staring at the sky.

Expansion of the cunning players was such that Fortnite updated the record of killed characters by one user within the match – 48 people. Gamers already had time to wish this player many different things. The missile will not be restarted: as promised by the developers, the event was planned to be held only once.

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