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First aid with a viper bite

A typical viper can be found almost anywhere, even at its own dacha near the city. Her bite will be a big problem and you need to know exactly how to reverse the consequences, so as not to be on a hospital bed.

The closer to the head the bite, the more dangerous. The toxicity of venom poison increases in late spring and early months of summer. Severe pain after a bite can not be avoided: in the composition of the poison there are neurotropic cytotoxins that affect the nerve cells.

Forget about the ways shown in the movie. Do not cut the wound with a cross, do not cut the affected area. So you will only infect the infection, and even damage the veins and tendons, which will be much more dangerous than the bite itself.

Burning wound is useless. The fangs of a viper are centimeters long, the poison has already fallen deep into the muscle tissue and spread throughout the body. Yes, and burn the bite above the bite is not necessary: ​​get gangrene, and do not stop the poison.

But the sucking of poison helps. According to statistics, intensive exhaustion of the poison in the first five minutes allows to remove 40% of toxins. Do this simple procedure and call an ambulance – you can not do without a doctor here.


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