Can I connect AirPods to my old iPhone and iPad?

Will AirPods work with older iPhone (4 / 4s) or should I look for other wireless headphones? 
– Maksim

Hello, Maxim.

On the specifications page of AirPods you can find a list of devices with which Apple’s proprietary wireless headphones will work.

The oldest of these devices: iPhone 5, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 . In this case, the devices must be upgraded to iOS 10.

This does not mean that AirPods will not work with older devices or data devices on the older version of iOS.

AirPods can be connected to almost any smartphone with a bluetooth module. There are cases of connection to the iPhone 3GS and newer devices.

In this case, the headphones will lose the lion’s share of chips and benefits, there will not be a double press to stop / play or switch tracks, the headset will not be able to call Siri and pause playback while pulling the earpiece out of the ear.

AirPods will essentially become a regular wireless headset.

To connect, you need:

1. Put the headphones in the charging case and open the cover.

2. Press the button on the back of the case until the indicator flashes white.

3. Find the headset in the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone.

4. Confirm the pairing.

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