Apple completely remakes Maps in iOS 12

Apple said it was working on a full rethinking of the Maps application in iOS 12. This was reported by senior software vice president Eddie Cue.

We wanted to reach the next level in the development of maps. At the moment, we are working to create what in the future – we hope for this – will be the best cartographic service in the world. For this we had to rework everything from zero.

Earlier, Apple used data from other mapping services in Maps. Now the company will use the data that collected special cars.

Before that, we thought that these cars are used to test software for unmanned vehicles. Alas, but no.

Different sources give completely different details. But if you believe some of them, then Apple will finally return to Maps at home. I hope this is true.

Release of the earlier modified version of the application will take place with the release of iOS 12 beta 3. At first, only the USA will be updated, but maps to the world will be updated to the release of the operating system. 9to5 ]

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