10 new dials for Apple Watch. Suitable for any model

At WWDC 2018, Apple rolled out watchOS 5. Added new training and the like of a walkie-talkie from the 90s, but forgot about the support of the dials from third-party developers …

“Well, hell with you, Apple ,” I thought, and walked around the system. I have for you 10 new dials for Apple Watch, which you can put even without upgrading to watchOS 5. Catch faster!

How to install one of these dials

Step 1. Click on the preview thumbnail below and download it to the iPhone’s gallery.

Step 2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.


Step 3. Go to the “Dials” section.


Step 4. Choose the “Photo” face.


Step 5. Select the item “Own” and go to the set of images.


Step 6. Click on the “Add Photo” button, select the image of the dial that you saved, and click “Finish”.

Step 7. Select the remaining pictures, delete them and click “Finish”.


Step 8. Select “Top” in the “Time position” item.


Step 9. Turn off the “Under time” item in the “Extensions” menu.


Step 10. Click “Add” and select the dial on Apple Watch.

For the first time I prepared 10 unusual dials for Apple Watch. I myself use the desktop with the calendar for July, and it irritates me only that August will have to do a new one manually.

Choose any to your taste:

1. Dial with a calendar for July 2018


2. The dark image with the slogan Think Different


3. The dial for strange Siri fans


4. A cool watch for those on the dark side


5. Another dial on the theme of “Star Wars”


6. Watch for those who like Apple Watch Hermes


7. The dial for those who have not saved up for Hermes


8. A minimalistic image with a pulsing heart


9. The dial for real LEGO fans


10. Watch Limited Edition – local SVEG


If the topic is pleasant, I will definitely prepare a couple more of these collections. Share opinion in the comments.

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